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5 Stars on YELP! I purchased a used SUV from Mike. I was very happy with the straight forward negotiations, I got a fair price for my trade in and months later I am still very pleased. Mike only deals in quality used cars and does a great job finding good ones.
Greg S
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5 out of 5 Stars! We love these guys. We were put off my a salesman in Fife where we went to order a very basic Clubman when they first arrived so badly it ruined our desire for 7 long years. So nice to know there are such great sales people still around. Can-do guys. Love our sorta-new Mini even if it does have a very useless extras. Had about dozen BMC Austin Minis and variants and the only extras available were radio and heater. Now, I only have one left. We highly recommend The Car Store!
Michael and Kathleen
Michael and Kathleen purchased a nice, low mile 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman
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Yesterday I bought a beautiful 2010 Audi TTS from Mike at The Car Store in Everett. I normally buy used cars for myself instead of new, because I like the idea of someone else paying the new-car depreciation. I've always bought my used cars from private sellers, because I wanted to avoid all the bad stories of working with a used car dealer. But this is a fairly hard car to find, and The Car Store had almost exactly what I wanted.

Mike was great to deal with! He gave me the story of the car, including their pre-purchase inspection and Carfax. He didn't pressure me to buy. I visited the dealer twice before the purchase, and Mike let me take the car out by myself for test drives both times. I made the actual purchase on the third visit. For all three times, Mike had the car clean and ready to go from inside their warehouse showroom. On my second test drive, I noticed a barely audible hissing noise from somewhere in front of the car. Mike took a ride with me and acknowledged the noise, which both he and the pre-purchase inspection had missed. After we agreed to a fair price for the car, Mike agreed to have the hiss fixed, which turned out to be a brake booster. After the purchase, Mike is working with the previous owner of the car to get the owner's manual and spare key. He showed he was anxious to make me happy with the whole buying experience any way he could.

It was a real pleasure working with Mike, and I would recommend him and The Car Store to my friends.
John K.
John and his family bought a gorgeous 2010 Audi TT-S Coupe
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Just purchased a beautiful '05 Mercedes Benz S430 from The Car Store. This is my second car from Mike and Don. I could not be more pleased with the car AND the relaxed, no pressure experience. As Mike has known since my purchase of a '03 Mercedes E320 about a year and a half ago, my sights have always been on an "S" model. While a number of S models have come through the Car Store over time, Mike was patient to wait until a nice version in my price range became available. Well, that car arrived and I could not be happier. While The Car Store does not strive to be the lowest priced, they are also not going to be the highest priced. They operate in the middle. Most importantly, Mike and Don deal in QUALITY cars and bend over backwards to SUPPORT the car and customer.
I have no reservations at all to recommend The Car Store to anyone looking for a quality pre owned vehicle at a fair price.

Chuck S
2005 Mercedes-Benz S430 Premium Sedan
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My husband and I purchased a Honda last week from Don and Paul. From the moment we drove onto the lot, we were treated like family. It was obvious to me that Don runs his business like everyone who walks onto his lot is family.
Paul was knowledgeable and low pressure. When it came to making the deal with our limited budget, Don got creative and made it work.
I have made several car purchases in my life and this one, by far, was the most painless. I would recommend The Car Store to anyone who is looking to buy a great car or boat.
Thank you Don, Paul and Mike for everything!

Becky N.
Rebeka and George N
Becky and George bought a beautiful 2008 Honda Pilot EX-L
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I hunted high and low for a car to purchase before deciding to make a buy from the Car Store. Mike and Don select a higher quality of vehicle than any other dealer I visited. No worn out beaters slammed in bumper to bumper here. Not only was the car I purchased the best quality I was able to find for the price - after a month of daily research - but I was able to look into the other vehicles on their lot and tell that they were different from all the other used car dealers I had been to. It was a straining task to find someone I actually wanted to buy a car from, I was sick of overpriced cars and the slick sales show, and working with Mike was a refreshing change.
Donovan T
2010 Dodge Charge SXT 3.5L H.O. - SWEET!
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Everything you stress out about buying a car is left at the door when you come to the Car Store. This is the hidden gem of dealerships. The indoor showroom displays meticulously cared for cars and boats. I have been searching high and low for a Getman car that looked anything like its photos. There was even a car I considered before stopping into the Car Store, but at the other place I was so turned off by the salesman that I walked (I will write a review for them as soon as I remember the name of the place). The Car Store has restored my faith in luxury car dealerships. Impeccable customer service, NO pressure, you even test drive without a salesperson which is nice, and the passion of cars is there! Every car was cleaned and detailed to bran new condition. You would think the showroom was a location for a German car magazine photoshoot or something! I really couldn't be happier than I am driving off in a stunning, cared for BMW. These cars have been serviced throughout their previous ownerships and the standards are sky high for even being sold here at the Car Store. If you want a car that is cared for and customer service as relaxed and happy as visiting family, there is no other place. Trust me, I have been car shopping all over this city and state for a year. This was worth the wait!!
Francesca P
Francesca bought this stunning BMW Convertible!
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Paul, Don & Mike,

I purchased a 2006 Chevrolet Express Van a couple weeks ago and want to say that it had to be the easiest and fastest negotiation and purchase I have ever been a participant of. You guys know what you have and treated me well and when I left I felt like we both had a good experience.

Thank you,

Paul Wolf
Paul Wolf
Purchased 2006 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van
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My wife and I purchased a 2006 Cadillac DTS from Paul at The Car Store in Everett. We dealt with Paul, Don and Mike with various aspects of the vehicle. When we arrived at the dealership, we were just going to "look". What a great experience we had. Paul was not "pushy" and he took his time to answer every question and was never in a hurry with us. We took the vehicle for a test drive and when we arrived back at the dealership, he left us alone so we could discuss what we wanted to do. We have had questions on the vehicle from time to time and they have always taken care of them, have been pleasant, professional and fun to deal with. We would recommend this dealership highly to anyone.

Doug & Marcia Julson
Doug and Marcia Julson
Doug and Marcia purchased the 2006 Cadillac DTS SE Performance Sedan
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Our experience couldn't have been less of a typical used car purchase! Don was up front with what the car needed, the price was more then fair. Congenial and relaxed. Felt like dealing with a friend, not a salesman. Thanks!
Rusty Allison
2006 Subaru Impreza!
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Purchased a vehicle from The Car Store a few weeks ago. In my search for a used vehicle I stopped by the store several times looking at the inventory which I found to be quality vehicles. The staff at The Car Store are informative, polite and willing to work with you to find the vehicle that meets your needs and budget. It is my belief that this used car sales service is of higher quality in vehicles, personnel and their approach in working with the customer than what you will find elsewhere in the local area.


Everett, Washington
Larry Gill
Purchased a 2008 Subaru Outback Limited Wagon
Testimonial Image
I had a great experience with Mike at the Car Store in Everett, I purchased a Cadillac DTS and I am pleased with the car and the service I received. If you want the car of your dreams, go to the Car Store in Everett, where dreams come true!

Clyde Wells
Testimonial Image
I had a fantastic experience working with Mike. I had been searching for a very particular car for about 4 months (e46 M3 coupe with 6ps MT) when I happened to find an ad listed on CL for an absolutely beautiful, one owner M3. There she is. I called the next morning (tues) and Mike not only told me what he knew about the car, but gave me the number of the mechanic that just did the PPI inspection. I spoke with the mechanic and was making arrangements to come see the car when Mike called me back to see if I had any other questions. I communicated my plans to be there at 10 on Sat.

Now here is where it gets interesting. This is a hard car to find. especially in this shape and configuration. I knew other people were calling about the car and could not get up there any sooner than sat, even though he offered to extend his hours if I wanted to drive up from Portland after work. He kept in touch with me daily, letting me know the car's availability.

When I got there on at 10 Sat, there was literally a line of people waiting to drive this car, and Mike told them that I was coming up and had right of first refusal. Not only that, he met me half way on a new set of Michelins. I was on the road by 12.

Here's the thing, If you want a hundred different options to choose from and love to play lot lawyer haggling and negotiating, then go to any of the other big box stealerships in Seattle. But if your dream happens to be in his showroom, you can expect an honest and fair experience in making that dream come true.

Thanks again Mike!


2004 M3 6MT
Charlie J
Purchased a Rare 2004 BMW M3 6 speed coupe
Testimonial Image
I spent a year looking for cars , I saw an ad on craigslist for a 2008 civic hybrid for just 13,000 dollars ,with just 60,000 miles --I thought at first it was too good to be true because according to Kelley blue book-- its market price should be 15,000 dollars. The car looked like a brand new car inside and out , however ,To be on the safe side, I had it inspected at Klein Honda ; it had no problems whatsoever.Staff is very nice and straightforward.

Travis C
Purchased Honda Civic Hybrid
Testimonial Image
Mike, I just wanted to take time and thank you for all you did in making the purchase of the 1974 Toyota FJ40 go so very smooth. The Land Cruiser was everything you said it was and the expertise in shipping the unit to us in Connecticut went equally as well. Again, many thanks! Tom
Tom K
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Happy New Year!

Buying a car from you was a true joy. I had been shopping around for the last two months mostly at large dealerships. A friend told me about you and said you had what I was looking for and if you didn’t’ you would locate one. The experience was 180 degrees opposite the high pressure dealerships and you truly know your cars. When I am in the market for another car, I will call you first.

Thank you,

Hal H
Testimonial Image
This is Tyler Maxwell of the Everett Silvertips. When I needed a new car, I chose to purchase my 2007 Cadillac CTS from Mike and Don at The Car Store. They handled all the paperwork, worked out the payment details and made sure that the car was absolutely perfect for me. I looked at a lot of dealers before meeting these guys. They're easy to deal with and truly care about your purchase. If you need a quality pre owned car, I highly recommend The Car Store.
Tyler Maxwell #9
Everett Silvertips
Testimonial Image
Don and Mike are great to work with to find your dream car. My wife wanted a silver bmw convertible with a black interior and they found her one with low miles that was exactly what she wanted. They also put the car into top shape before you take delivery. All maintenance needed to completed so that you do not need to worry about it.
Al C.
Testimonial Image
I just completed a transaction with Mike at The Car Store.

I hired Mike and his business partner Don for full service consignment of a vehicle. The outcome was just exactly as they had promised!... a quick and painless sale. Sold it in 19 days.

They handled prepping the vehicle, all the advertising, etc. Once they located a serious buyer, they quickly addressed the buyers concerns, had a couple of repairs completed to satisfy the buyer, communicated on my behalf with my lien holder, shuttled the vehicle to the detailer and the mechanic, did all the paperwork... just everything!

The time and hassle saved will ensure I'll do business again with The Car Store!
Joe P.
Testimonial Image
Buying a car can be a very unpleasant experience, so when I found the car I was looking for advertised by The Car Store, I didn't know what to expect.  I emailed Mike and he was quick to respond with the information I needed.  What I appreciated was that he never once tried to pressure me.  The car turned out to be exactly as advertised and the purchase was a smooth transaction.  Both Mike and Don were quick to bend over backwards to address any concerns.  I highly recommend them!
Brian V.
Mike and Don are top notch guys! our transaction was painless. They even made it right when we discovered a missing part for the CD player after the fact. No drama, no BS - Price was fair both on the car and on the trade. Service was exceptional. I'd buy from them again.
Deal with these guys knowing that they will take care of you and when and if things go sour, they will step up and make it right!
Omeed S.
Testimonial Image
I just bought my 2004 Cadillac SRX from Mike at the car store and it was the most enjoyable time  buying  a car that I have ever had!

The car was everything they said it was and more !Truly gentlemen to deal with ,Mike and Don.

This car was my dream and Mike made that come true! The Car Store was a true car shoppers dream. I was able to handle most of the transaction over the phone and then just came in and test drove it and signed a few papers and it was mine! I will be sending all of my friends their way!


Thanks again Mike for all your hard work!
Christina A.
Testimonial Image
A most excellent business. I bought a Volvo XC70 wagon from Mike at The Car Store and it was a great transaction. Mike himself is an easy-to-get-along-with kinda guy. Low key, no pressure, and pleasant.
The car was "as advertised" and when Mike did not know the answer to a particular question he found the answer. He's been in the auto sales industry for quite a while and I trusted him. He even trusted me (generally not a good thing to do with me and cars) and let me take the car for an extended test drive.
I own ten cars as of today and have owned more than fifty in my lifetime. This was one of the most pleasant transactions ever. I highly encourage anyone to at least look at The Car Store's inventory if you are in the market for a high-end, well maintained used vehicle. It is a "no BS" straight-up place to buy a car.
Tom G.
Testimonial Image
I had been on the hunt for an "upgrade" to my accord for a couple of months. I hit a few dealers and talked to a few private parties, but all seemed to fall short. I was losing faith that i would encounter a situation that was not clouded in smoke and mirrors. I found an add for the car i was looking for and the posting led me to Mike at The Car Store. I inquired via email, and had a response within the hour. Mike was polite and seemed genuinely interested in what I wanted...not trying to push what he had or tell me what would be best.
Being in the service industry myself, customer service will make or break a deal, be-it a car or a nice dinner.
Mike understands this concept of customer service. He was never pushy or put off. He knew i wanted the car and he was very upfront with all the numbers. He produced the car-fax report, the NADA listings, KBB listings without me having to ask. This was like pulling teeth at other local dealers. The windshield had a small chip. Mike told me he would replace the windshield on his Dime, even setting up the appointment for me. He has followed up in the weeks following a couple times to see how the "new" car was working out for me. I am always willing to pay a bit more when i know i will be taken care of.

I highly recommend talking to Mike if you are in the market for a high end used car.
Chris F.
Testimonial Image
I hunted high and low for a car to purchase before deciding to make a buy from the Car Store. Mike and Don select a higher quality of vehicle than any other dealer I visited. No worn out beaters slammed in bumper to bumper here. Not only was the car I purchased the best quality I was able to find for the price - after a month of daily research - but I was able to look into the other vehicles on their lot and tell that they were different from all the other used car dealers I had been to. It was a straining task to find someone I actually wanted to buy a car from, I was sick of overpriced cars and the slick sales show, and working with Mike was a refreshing change.
Donovan T.
Testimonial Image
Thank you Mr. Mike Davis. ( THE CAR STORE ). For the wonderful 2004 TOYOTA Tacoma Pre-runner that you sold to me. This used vehicle still looked new inside and out. Also had the lowest miles than i expected with the exceptional price we closed the deal. I'm very confidence the purchased of this vehicle from you, with the car fax report provided. I enjoyed every minute of it every time i drive this vehicle. I'll refer any one i know to The Car Store who needed a used excellent vehicle. Anyway thank you again and hope to do more business with you in the further.
Ron L.
Testimonial Image
We went in on a Saturday afternoon after having seen the car we wanted on craigslist. Though Mike was doing business with another customer he took some time to show us the car and let us go on a test drive.

After this, we got into business talk with Don, the owner. Although big-time negotiation is either not our strength or not the policy of the store, the price for the car we bought was absolutely fair (based on BB value and our satisfaction and good-feel during the deal).
Our overall impression of the store is that it deals with cars in great condition. They do not care for big advertisements and sure do not have a million cars on the lot which they do not know anything about.

If you rather are looking for a place where quality is more important than quantity and where you will not find unpleasant surprises (non functional parts of the car or damages - we have seen a lot of rubbish in other stores), then The Car Store is the place to visit.
Frank S.
  • The Car Store is Family Owned & Operated! We've been a Washington Licensed and Bonded Dealer since 1986.
  • We offer you financing through our preferred lenders. All credit applications submitted for approval.
  • The Car Store is committed to offering the very best vehicles that we can find. We buy our vehicles at several of the High End - New Car Dealerships locally where they are traded in on a new vehicle. This source of vehicles provides us with some of the very best local pre-owned cars offered anywhere.
  • If you are looking for a brand new car, we can even broker that for you through one of our associated local dealers. This saves you the hassle of "the grind" at some new car dealerships.
  • We can consign your current Vehicle, Boat, RV or ATV.
  • We have a huge warehouse showroom in south Everett. This allows us to show you the car without getting soaked or frozen to death!
  • We take trades, paid for or not!!

Our address is 12432 Hwy 99 Unit 70. Empire Industrial Park. Everett, WA 98204. CALL or TEXT 206-498-6325

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